Valuing Driven Employees

We strive to recognize employees who stand out and go beyond the company’s expectations. Our employees are passionate about their work and we are passionate to give them the proper recognition through one of our many award programs that take place on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. 
Service Award Program
The purpose of the Service Award Program is to recognize employees for their continued loyalty, dedication, and service to Equity Trust Company. After reaching “Milestone” achievement years, Equity Trust Company recognizes employees’ contributions with small gifts based on the employees’ preferences.
First Class Postcard Program
First Class Postcards are designed to recognize employees who have gone the extra mile by helping our company exceed expectations.  Employees are given a First Class Postcard highlighting their awesome achievements during daily line-up meetings.
Daily Line-Up Success Stories
Each morning our employees come together to share the daily news throughout the company. In Daily Line-Up meetings employees are highlighted by a peer for demonstrating a company core value. These meetings are also a great way to learn about upcoming events.
Shining Star Award
The Shining Star Program invites employees to recognize and nominate a peer who has made significant contributions to the mission, vision, and goals of the company. The Quarterly Shining Star winner is announced and highlighted at our corporate Quarterly Meeting. At the end of each year, all Quarterly Shining Star winners are nominated for the Annual Shining Star award. The Quarterly Shining Star winners receive a monetary gift and a half day off with pay. The Annual Shining Star winner receives a monetary gift and a full day off with pay.