U.S. Housing Market – What is Predicted for 2017?

By Brendan Hughes1 Comments

Realty Biz News recently noted nationwide housing market analysts are expecting housing prices to be up at least 3 percent in 2017. One reason for the potential increase- more “Millennials” are expected to reach prime home buying ages over the next few years.

An increase in housing prices could be good news for real estate investors, but U.S. housing trends can vary by region or state, and even by locations within cities. The Realty Biz News article provides 2017 projections by region; here are some of the highlights:
  • The Southeast should see strong growth, especially in Nashville, TN and Orlando, FL
  • In the Southwest, Utah and Denver, CO are housing prices are expected to increase
  • The Northwest also should see increases led by Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
  • The Eastern U.S. and Midwest are two areas that are not projected to see as much growth
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