Top Webinars of 2017

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Recordings from the past year include education on private lending and note investing, as well as a U.S. Housing review.
How to Find and Potentially Profit from Discounted Real Estate
Larry Goins, a 30-plus-year real estate investing veteran, joins Equity University for a webinar to educate you on techniques he uses in his investing.

The webinar includes:
  • Case studies of investments that have netted three to six times the purchase price
  • Examples of where Larry finds the discounted real estate opportunities
  • How Larry invests in real estate without using any of his own cash or credit
  • How Larry finds buyers with no buyers list
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Building Wealth through Private Lending
Lee Arnold, a real estate broker, lender and educator, has built his personal wealth using the private lending strategy. He joins Equity University to share how he has earned returns on his investments. 

The webinar covers:
  • How the process works from the borrowing, as well as the lending perspective
  • How to overcome challenges that might arise
  • Four important rules for investing
  • How you can loan money from your retirement account
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Midyear Review of U.S. Housing
RealWealth Network Co-Founder Kathy Fettke, an author and researcher of real estate, market cycles and the economy, provides a review of current U.S. economic conditions, specifically the U.S. housing market and how it could affect investors.

The webinar features:
  • Current U.S. economy growth
  • Housing trends including percentage of home ownership and migration trends
  • Impacts of the Federal interest rate policy on mortgage interest rates
  • What increased student loan debt could mean to future housing trends
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Buying Real Estate Notes: Investing for Retirement Growth
Discover an investment alternative that doesn’t require a large amount of capital but has the potential for big returns during a webinar with NoteSchool Founder Eddie Speed. 

Eddie draws on the experience gained from buying more than 30,000 notes to reveal how he capitalizes on this investing strategy.

The webinar includes:
  • The concept of note buying
  • How to buy notes at a discount
  • Case studies of closed transactions
  • How you could invest in notes with an IRA 
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