Time Shares Study Revealing Secrets to Happy Retirement

By Elsie Dudukovich0 Comments

Some of the saddest words a person can say are “If only…” and “I’ll be happy when…”  This applies to relationships, career decisions, and other opportunities we encounter during our life.  It’s easy to fall into the dangerous trap of thinking happiness, fulfillment, and certain experiences are something we expect in our golden years. 

According to a recent study presented in February by Time magazine, only 60 percent of retirees respond as being very satisfied in their retired life, with about 20 percent of retirees stating they felt less satisfaction with life overall compared to their life before retirement. In this study, having enough assets for comfortable living did not prove to be a deciding factor for satisfaction, yet having stable retirement income plays a role in how healthy and engaged a person can be. 

Good health, a strong network of friends and family, and an engaging social life prove to be more important than money alone.  These are the same things that make for a satisfying life before retirement. Ultimately, it is vital to seek fulfillment and connection at every stage of your life, instead of delaying these things for the future.