Could You Do this One Disciplined Practice if It Would Allow You to Retire Early?

By Heather Taylor0 Comments

Would you be willing to make greater financial sacrifices if it could lead to greater wealth?

That’s the question posed in a recent article by Inc. magazine’s Chris Matyszczyk. He had been reading the book The Automatic Millionaire by financial expert and best-selling author David Bach. 

In his book, Bach describes a couple that was able to retire comfortably in their early 50s, having received only a modest income throughout their careers. He learned of the strategy that allowed them to do this: they paid themselves first. Matyszczyk describes how this worked:

His first step was put a little money away, then address the bills. He and his wife didn't find it easy at first. But they disciplined themselves to not miss the money they never saw.

Bach says he followed this advice. He started by just putting aside 1 percent of his income. He then graduated to putting a little more away, until he got to 20 percent.

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