How to Pay Self-Directed IRA Investment Expenses Quickly and Easily

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Two foundational principles of investing with a self-directed IRA pertain to how to pay and manage bills and investment expenses related to your account.
  • All expenses related to an investment held in an IRA must be paid directly from the IRA – not by the account owner, a company they own, or other third party.
  • The account owner must remain at arm’s-length from their investment and avoid “self-dealing” or co-mingling personal funds with their IRA’s investment.
Fortunately, there’s a fast, easy solution to paying bills and investment expenses related to your self-directed IRA or other retirement account at Equity Trust.
With around-the-clock access from your tablet, computer or mobile device, Equity Trust Company’s online account management system – myEQUITY – makes it easy to:
  • Quickly pay contractors, attorneys or other third parties for work related to your investment,
  • Issue funds for appliances, building materials, supplies and other investment expenses,
  • Schedule and modify payments for recurring expenses such as property taxes, utility payments, insurance, or payments to a property manager or loan servicer.
Simply provide the payment details and select your payment method – such as a check, wire or ACH delivery – and funds will be sent from your Equity Trust Company account to the payee in 24 to 48 hours.

Watch the video below to learn more about myEQUITY Online Bill Pay: 

Regardless of the investments in your portfolio, myEQUITY makes it easy to pay bills and investment expenses without the hassle and cost of establishing and managing an LLC.
Plus, enjoy a clean line-of-sight of your investment and transaction activity with:
  • Easy-to-use dashboards that sort and filter by asset, date and transaction type
  • Real-time status alerts and notifications
  • Unique bill pay activity status pages
View the features now by logging into your account through myEQUITY.
Not an Equity Trust client? Schedule a consultation or chat with us to learn more about how Equity Trust’s myEQUITY is simplifying and streamlining the self-directed IRA investment process.