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Ask the IRA Expert: Is It Worth the Fees for a Single Investment?

By John Bowens0 Comments
I’m looking at taking my money out of an IRA which only holds stocks and a mutual fund for the sake of purchasing a property. It would actually be a rental unit. However, I know self-directed IRAs have a different fee system and I’m only looking at one investment property. Is it worth the fees for a single investment?
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Ask the IRA Expert: Do I Need to Worry Beyond Sweat Equity?

By John Bowens0 Comments
What about providing the services at tax sales of registering to bid, bidding, traveling to and from the tax sale, dealing with the recording of the deeds and subsequent sale of properties acquired? Are these services according to black letter law? Are these not services under the intent of the law? Do you have any tax court rulings, memos, PLR’s or anything to address this question? Read More