Special Service Fees

Special Service Fees

Matured Note: $75.00

  • Assessed for each unresolved matured promissory note held in the account.
  • Assessment occurs in the fourth month after the note matures.

Expedited Service: $75.00

  • Documents must be received by 10 a.m. ET in good order and your account must have available funds.

Wire Transfer, In or Out: $30.00 Domestic | $30.00 International

Overnight Service: $30.00

  • USPS Express Mail is used for Post Office Box.

Certified Mail: $30.00

  • Required when sending original documents.

Cashier’s Check: $30.00

  • Cashier’s checks must be sent overnight ($30 fee). Only one overnight fee will be charged regardless of the number of cashier’s checks issued for a given transaction.

Returned Check & Stop Payment: $30.00 per item

Special Document Processing Fee: $5.00

Paper Bill Pay: $15.00 per bill pay (This fee can be avoided by submitting an electronic bill pay through myEQUITY)

Paper Statement Fee: $40.00 annually. The paper statement fee can be avoided by enrolling in eStatements.

Late Fee: $50.00 per occurrence

Miscellaneous Activity Request: $75.00 per hour

Special Handling Fee: $25.00 (Action on closed account)

  • Special service fees are not included with Annual Maintenance Fee.
  • All fees are withdrawn from your account on the day an investment is processed unless you prepay by check or credit card.
  • Fees cannot be reimbursed.
  • Account must be pre-established to accept checks.
  • Checks are not held at our office and will be deposited on date received.
  • Personal or business checks are available 7 business days after date of deposit.
  • Transfer or direct rollover checks are available 5 business days after date of deposit.
  • Cleared funds must be available in order to make an investment. Guaranteed funds include wires, cashiers checks, and money orders.