Notice to Clients Regarding the Closing of Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank.

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Directed Trustee Services

Our Directed Trustee Services provide you with customized services designed specifically to meet the needs of your firm.

As one of the largest providers of non-depository IRAs, Equity Institutional specializes in the legal, regulatory and administrative responsibilities associated with retirement plans. We manage the behind-the-scenes administrative duties, allowing you to focus on client-centered activities.

Services we provide include:

Equity Institutional, as Directed Trustee, carries out the administrative duties of the trust such as:

  • Tax reporting and withholding remittance
  • IRS-approved documents and compliance services
  • Approval of distributions to beneficiaries

Service and Support

At Equity Trust Company we know that service after the sale is critical to your success.

Our Directed Trustee Services clients are provided with the services to help you run a seamless and efficient back office, offering services that include real-time online monitoring of your accounts, access to the latest rules, regulations and IRS forms, and marketing collateral that can be customized with your company’s brand.

Hundreds of financial professionals from across the United States rely on us every day to provide seamless administrative support to help keep clients satisfied. We handle the day-to-day administrative details and stay on top of the latest rules and regulations that affect your customers, so that you can spend more time where it counts–building relationships and generating new business.

Access DTS Forms

Learn more about how we can help you.

  • Back-office support for retirement plans and trust accounts
  • Compliance and trust services teams
  • E-model and account access (view your qualified retirement plan block of business online any time)
  • Educational support for your professional development

Request more information about Directed Trustee Services from Equity Institutional.