Equity Trust Infographics provide you with a fun and quick glance through some of our more popular educational topics. You can quickly learn about a topic without a ton of heavy reading. 

Roth & Traditional IRAsSmall Businesses: The Big Picture

A business is considered "small" if it has fewer than 500 employees, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Here's an illustration of their impact on the economy and how the people behind these ventures are preparing themselves for life after owning a business.


Roth & Traditional IRAsTraditional & Roth IRAs: What’s the Difference?

A side-by-side breakdown of various features of Traditional and Roth IRAs, including how the tax treatment is different between the two accounts.


Roth & Traditional IRAs5 Step Self-Directed Investment Process

Investing in alternative assets with an IRA can be similar to investing in the same assets outside of an IRA. There are several primary differences and important rules to be aware of. Follow these 5 steps in this instant-access download and you could be on your way to your first (or next) self-directed IRA investment. 

Roth & Traditional IRAsSnapshot of Today's Home Buyers and Renters

Looking to entice more buyers or renters to an investment property, or possibly boost the return on your investment? Here's a snapshot of prospective renters and buyers, according to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report.

Roth & Traditional IRAsVersatility: Roth IRAs Impact More than Retirement

Roth IRAs, only available within the last 20 years, allow you to put your retirement first, while maintaining the flexibility you need for other financial priorities. If saving for retirement has lagged behind saving for healthcare, education, new home purchases and other competing needs, a Roth IRA might provide a solution. Discover how its benefits could help you prepare for retirement without derailing your other goals. 

Are You Prepared for Your Retirement Healthcare CostsAre You Prepared for Your Retirement Healthcare Costs?

While most Americans are aware of their pending retirement needs, only a portion are actively saving for it and even fewer are prepared for the potentially overwhelming burden of retirement health care costs. Take a look at just a few of the costs and other notable factors that you should be aware of when planning for your own retirement needs.

How Self-Directed IRAs WorkHow Does a Self-Directed Investment Really Work?

Investing in real estate, or other alternative assets, with an IRA is very similar to investing in these assets outside of an IRA. There are a few minor differences and some rules to be aware of. Equity Trust, with 40 years of self-directed investing experience, can help lay out the roadmap that you can use to build your retirement wealth.

Is that Home Improvement Project Worth ItIs that Home Improvement Project Worth It

We know that the only thing better than finishing a home improvement project, whether it is for your own home or an investment property, is completing one that will actually get you the best bang for your buck. Since the majority of our Equity Trust clients invest in residential real estate with their self-directed IRAs, we thought we’d see on average which projects can get you the best return on your investment. Check out just a few of the most profitable residential home improvements we have found.

The Rising Cost of CollegeHow Much Does College Really Cost?

We constantly hear in the news about the rising cost of college tuition, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to hard costs. So how can you know what to save for if you don’t know the true cost of college and what does that really mean to the average student in today’s world? Let Equity Trust, a leading provider of Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, help give you better understanding the costs involved.

National Income Tax Filing StatsNational Income Tax Filing Stats

Have you ever wondered how you stack up next to the other millions of Americans doing the exact same thing? See how you measure up next to some recent national tax statistics.

How are You Saving for Retirement?How are You Saving for Retirement

Have you ever wondered if you are the only one that is concerned about saving for your future? With over 6,000 Americans turning 65 each day, more and more of us are inching closer to our retirement. See how your plans stack up to the rest of the country.


History of Equity TrustHistory of Equity Trust

Review the origins and development of Equity Trust through the years. From Dick Desich’s first investment, to additional organizational organic growth and acquisition on to passing the leadership torch to his son and creating a new corporate image and headquarters, the last 40 years have seen tremendous success for Equity Trust.