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Diversifying Beyond the Stock Market: How to Get Started

Access the must-see, on-demand webinar that reveals what you need to know about taking control of your financial future.

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Does it make you uneasy holding all your retirement funds in traditional investments such as stocks or mutual funds? Are you curious about diversifying into alternatives like real estate, private equity, or other areas of interest or expertise? If so, this training is a must-see.

From the Equity Trust Virtual Classroom

National Education Specialist John Bowens shows how it’s possible to invest in (and profit from) nearly endless types of investments in a retirement account.

John Reveals:

  • Transitioning from a portfolio of traditional investments to a diversified portfolio with alternative investments
  • Types of alternative investments and ways to find potential opportunities
  • The three simple steps to getting started online

Don’t miss this webinar if you’re seeking a way to branch out beyond traditional investments!


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