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Top 7 IRA Accounts for 2022

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You have the power to take control of your financial future by investing in areas that you're excited and passionate about, knowing you have the support of the industry's leading self-directed IRA company in your corner.

Real Estate
Promissory Notes
Private Equity / Entities
Precious Metals
Digital Assets
Mutual Funds / Stocks / ETFs

Keep More of Your Profits

The profit potential of alternative investments, combined with the ability to reduce or eliminate taxes on your profits, creates a powerful wealth-building vehicle that could help you achieve your savings goals sooner.

Consider this hypothetical example: An investor saves $6,000 per year in a taxable (non-retirement) account, a traditional IRA, and a Roth IRA, receiving 12-percent returns in each. After 25 years, the investor would have $300,000 more in the Traditional IRA and $500,000 more in the Roth IRA compared to the taxable account, due to the tax savings!

What is a Self-Directed IRA?

With most custodians, your retirement account investment options are limited to stocks and mutual funds – leaving you with little control of the results. A self directed IRA empowers you to put your money to work in areas you know, understand, and are passionate about.


Nearly unlimited investment options – including private market alternative investments, combine with the tax advantages of retirement accounts to create a portfolio that truly works for you.

Self-Directed IRAs allow you to invest in assets you know best. You can invest in a wide range of alternative assets, such as real estate, promissory notes, digital assets, and private equity, in addition to traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. YOU direct your investment choices.

Sick of paying taxes on your investments? An Equity Trust account provides you with the opportunity for tax-free or tax-deferred profits.

Certain self-directed accounts allow the beneficiaries to receive the account’s assets after the account owner’s passing with little to no tax. You can leave a legacy for those you love and care about.

Redefining retirement saving for over 45 years

Recognized as the industry leader and pioneer of Self-Directed IRAs, Equity Trust has unparalleled alternative asset expertise and an unmatched record of excellence. Named among the Top 7 IRA Accounts for 2022 by US News & World Report, we offer customized one-on-one sessions to discuss your interests and goals to help guide your success as you navigate your opportunities.

Investment Freedom

Investment Freedom

You can diversify into a range of options including real estate, private entities, digital assets, precious metals, and more, in addition to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds - all in one account.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Easily invest and manage your account on any device with our online account management system myEQUITY. Intuitive online wizards walk you through funding, purchases and sales, paying bills, distributions, and more.

You Direct, We Support

You Direct, We Support

You're in control, but you're not alone. Our knowledgeable associates provide personalized service, and we offer an abundance of learning opportunities.

Recognized Leader

Recognized Leader

Our size, expertise, and technology help us ensure that we're there when you need us most. Our 400+ associates work diligently to enhance your experience.

Access to Opportunities

Access to Opportunities

Don't have an investment in mind? Our Investment District online marketplace enables you to find potential investment opportunities with the click of a button.

Exclusive Benefits

Exclusive Benefits

Each client receives access to exclusive opportunities not found with any other self-directed account custodian. You'll receive valuable, in-demand discounts and membership access.

Your financial future starts today


Open Your Equity Trust Account

One of our specialized counselors will walk you through the process, or you can do it online with myEQUITY. (10 minutes)


Fund Your New Tax-Advantaged Account

You can fund your account via rollover, transfer, or out-of-pocket contribution.


Select Your Investment

myEQUITY investment wizards walk you through the investment process online at your convenience. We have liaisons ready to help if you need it.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs.

Mary, NJ

"I finally opened my own Self-Directed IRA after years of waiting. They have processed my transactions smoothly and efficiently. My account is doing what I wanted it to do for my retirement. I wish I had done this years sooner!"

Paul, NC

"I am relatively new to Equity Trust. They did a great job handling the transfer of multiple existing LLC investment accounts which are now managed in one place. Additionally, new investments have been handled professionally and competently."

Srinivas, TX

"The customer service and educational training staff is very knowledgeable and they respond very quickly to handle any transaction. Very responsive to the questions and communicate well. I recommend Equity Trust Company without any hesitation."

Randy, FL

"Equity Trust has been my self-directed IRA custodian for about six years. I've invested in rental homes exclusively so far. I'm thoroughly satisfied and would recommend this firm and their very professional team."

Craig, CA

"Equity Trust Company seems to be constantly improving their operations. I couldn't be happier with the service and value. My CPA recommended ETC years ago, and it was the best advice he ever gave me. Thanks ETC!"

Gary, OH

"Equity Trust Company has been amazing with all my Investment Needs! The turnaround time is great along with the FANTASTIC TEAM at ETC! They have turned our account into a RETIREMENT MACHINE!"

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