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Top 7 IRA Accounts for 2022

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Equity Trust 2021

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What They Don’t Want You to Know About the Potential of Your Retirement Account

┬áDo you feel you can drive better performance for your retirement account than what it’s currently producing in the turbulent stock market? Are you already investing in real estate, private direct investments, gold, or cryptocurrency outside of a retirement account?

It’s important to know you don’t have to rely on traditional markets to grow your retirement dollars. You can invest in alternatives to the market using what’s known as a self-directed IRA. Schedule a call with an IRA Counselor to learn more about this powerful concept. As a bonus, you’ll receive the Take Back the Your Retirement Kit so you can start learning today.


FREE Take Back Your Retirement Kit

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  • Diversify Beyond the Stock Market Virtual Training
  • Private Equity Investing for Investors of All Experience Levels virtual training
  • 7 Alternative Investments Outperforming the Stock Market Report
  • 15-Minute Guide to Building Your Wealth with Self-Directed Investing

What Investors are Saying About Equity Trust Self-Directed IRAs

Mary B.

I finally opened my own Self-directed IRA after years of waiting. I chose Equity Trust Company. They have processed my transactions smoothly and efficiently. My account is doing what I wanted it to do for my retirement. I wish I had done this years sooner!


Grover M.

This is a great company if you have alternative/unusual investment types that other companies typically don't handle, and you prefer to self-direct your investments.

Holly P.

I'm so glad we moved our money to a self-directed IRA. We have more control over where and what our money is invested in.

What's Inside the Take Back Your Retirement Kit

  • Actual case studies and examples of investors growing their IRAs with alternative investments
  • Access to Investment District, an online database of alternative investment options
  • Step-by-step process to get started investing
  • Discover what a private entity investment is, with examples of entities
  • An easy-to-understand explanation of the documents needed for entity investments
  • Reveals the easy 3-step process to investing in entities in a self-directed IRA
  • Discover investments that have been reaping larger returns than the stock market
  • The one factor to watch out for that could erode profits
  • A little-known approach that savvy investors are taking to keep more of their profits
  • Ultimate overview on how self-directed investing works
  • Self-directed IRA rules
  • Different types of accounts you can self-direct
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