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Investor Insights Blog|Review Your Quarterly Account Statements

Managing Your Account

Review Your Quarterly Account Statements

When you receive a quarterly statement from Equity Trust Company, there’s good reason to review it in a timely manner.

As referenced in your account custodial agreement, you must give Equity Trust Company notice of any errors or inaccuracies reflected on the statements within sixty (60) days after either:

  1. the date of mailing of a paper quarterly statement; or
  2. the posting of our quarterly statement online (if you receive electronic quarterly statements)

If you have any questions or concerns about your account statement, please contact Equity Trust Company at 888-382-4727.

If you fail to give us notice of any discrepancies on your quarterly statements within that time period, we have the right to assume that you approve of the quarterly statement and you are, therefore, precluded from making future objections to the statement. We shall have no liability for the content reported or not reported on any quarterly statement unless you give us notice within that sixty (60) day period.

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