ALERT: USPS is experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impact of COVID-19.  This is impacting the delivery of client statements and payments, Equity Trust is encouraging clients to use electronic methods for depositing and delivery of payments: Rental and Note Payments can be submitted using our Online Payment Center | Request purchase funds, bill payments, and distributions using Wire or ACH payment methods through myEQUITY Wizards | Review for updates.

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Account Fee Schedule

All-Inclusive Fee Schedule Provides Unbeatable Value

Equity Trust’s continued growth and success is based in part on our commitment to providing incredible services for a fair price. While some IRA custodians have complicated fee structures and others require large upfront set-up fees (sometimes thousands of dollars), we provide a straightforward fee schedule.

With our all-inclusive fee schedule, there are no hidden fees or surprise charges. It’s very simple and easy to understand, and it comes with unbeatable value that you can only get from a leading self-directed IRA custodian.

Download Fee Schedule PDF

Annual Fee Schedule

Portfolio ValueStandard Fee
Over $2,000,000$2,150.00

Account Set-up Fee:
Online Application
Paper Application


Please note the following:

  • The annual fee is assessed in the 1st Quarter of each year.
  • There are no transaction or distribution fees.  There are special service fees (View Retail Fee Schedule PDF) for paper bill pay or statements, any special handling requested and/or the account is being terminated.
  • The fee schedule does not include brokerage commissions.
  • The above fees are effective from January 1 to December 31 of any given calendar year.
  • All fees are subject to change.
  • IRA maintenance fees are not prorated.
  • Any investment fees are taken from your account on the day an investment is processed unless you pre-pay the fees.
  • Fees cannot be refunded.
  • Termination Fees:
    • Partial Termination Fee                                  $100.00 / asset
    • Full Termination Fee                                      $225.00
    • Distribution of Asset/Re-registration Fee     $100.00 / asset

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts for Minors

Special maintenance fees apply to Equity Trust CESA accounts opened on behalf of children and teenagers under the age of 18:

  • When a minor opens an Equity Trust account valued at $10,000 or less, a $50 one time set-up fee is assessed along with a $70 yearly maintenance fee.
  • Once the child reaches age 18 or the account exceeds $10,000, the account converts to the regular maintenance fee schedule and is billed annually.

Family Plan

The Family Plan allows a minimum of four members of the same family to open Equity Trust accounts on the same day with only one $50 setup fee. All required documents for opening each account must be submitted at the same time.

For example, a father, daughter, grandfather, and uncle of the same family can open four Equity Trust self-directed IRAs for $50. Those family members would normally pay $200 in setup fees.

The following relationships qualify as family members:

  • Father and mother
  • Sons and daughters
  • Grandparents
  • Grandchildren
  • Cousins
  • Aunts and uncles
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Stepbrothers and stepsisters
  • Stepfather and stepmother
  • Step-grandparent
  • In-laws family members

Family members who are “second removed” – such as second cousins or second aunts or uncles – do not qualify.