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Self-Directed IRA Video Resources

View the videos and case studies below to quickly learn about the benefits of self-directed IRAs, small business accounts, and more about investing in real estate, private lending, and private entities with an IRA.


Case Studies | Real Estate Investing | Private Lending Investing | Private Entities Investing | Self-Directed Investing | Small Business Accounts


— Case Study Videos —

Kay’s Story: Real Life Real Estate Investments

Partnering Multiple IRAs to Buy and Sell Real Estate: Case Study

Tax-Free Cash Flow from a Duplex Rental: Case Study

Two-Minute Video Testimonials From 7 Equity Trust Clients

View Testimonials on Youtube


— Real Estate Videos —

Real Estate with Ryan Wright: Getting Started, Mistakes to Avoid, Strategies & More

How to Receive Property Income in Your IRA

Investing in Wholesale Properties and Real Estate Options with a Self-Directed IRA

Non-Recourse Loans and Self-Directed IRAs

6 Strategies Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

Real Estate in an IRA: FAQs


— Private Lending Investing Videos —

How It Works: Investing in Notes with an IRA

Self-Directed Private Lending Basics


— Private Entities Investing Videos —

How It Works: Investing in Private Entities with an IRA

Joint Ventures & Self-Directed IRAs: How They Work

Self-Directed Entity Investing Rules to Know


— Self-Directed Investing Videos —

Why Investors Use Self-Directed IRAs

Keeping More of What You Make on Investments

Transfers & Rollovers: Getting Started with a Self-Directed IRA

Investing in Mutual Funds through myEQUITY with a Self-Directed Account

myEQUITY: Equity Trust Company’s Online Account Management System


— Small Business Account Videos —

Self-Directed Solo 401(k)s: Here’s What to Know

SIMPLE IRA Pros and Cons

Solo 401(k) Pros and Cons

SEP IRA Pros and Cons

Visit our Equity Trust Company YouTube channel for many more videos!

Visit Equity Trust Company Channel on YouTube

Visit our Client Success Stories page for a look at the case studies and videos featuring client investments that have inspired us.