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Private Equity

Unleash your inner venture capitalist – with your retirement account

Skip the Learning Curve

Learn more about investing in private equity within an IRA

What is Private Equity?

Private equity investing (also known as private entity investing) usually refers to providing capital to companies that are not publicly traded in exchange for a percentage of ownership or interest. Once only accessible to high-net-worth individuals or “accredited investors,” private equity opportunities are now available to the average investor.

These options may be found through equity crowdfunding platforms or angel investing opportunities, for example. Talk to an IRA Counselor about the broad range of private equity assets that can be held in an IRA or other retirement account, including:

private company llc icon

Private LLC

hedge fund

Hedge Fund

Limited Partnership


offshore fund

Offshore Fund

venture capital

Venture Capital

Why Invest in Private Equity?

Investing in private equity in your retirement account offers you the opportunity to buy into companies
that aren’t publicly traded for potentially significant profits, while securing your financial future.


Historically better returns than public markets


Ability to directly invest in businesses/industries that interest you or align with your values


Accessible to the average investor through a range of equity crowdfunding and other opportunities

Private Equity Investing in Your Retirement Account:
How to Get Started


Open an Equity Trust Account

One of our specialized counselors will walk you through the process, or you can do it online with myEQUITY.


Find an Investment Opportunity

A few potential sources:


Direct Equity Trust to Fund Your Investment

Easily initiate your investment with the Private Equity Wizard in myEQUITY. Upload the documentation for your investment.

We are here to help you if you need it.

What Equity Trust Clients are Saying about Self-Directed Private Entity Investing


Anthony M.

Equity Trust Client

I have been using Equity Trust Company for over 10 years to close my private placement transactions. They are very thorough and responsive. If something is missing in my documents they will let me know so that I can get it resolved quickly and be able to close on time.


Don P.

Equity Trust Client

I had an opportunity to invest in a startup with significant gain potential, but it required moving quickly. I had to cash out a Roth IRA at ******, open a new Roth IRA at Equity Trust, move the funds from ****** to Equity Trust, then get the investment approved and the funds transferred to the investment company. We did all this in basically eight days. It took ****** four days to transfer the funds. Equity Trust was on top of it the whole time, and held my hand through it all.


Gary N.

Equity Trust Client

I have been using Equity Trust for my private IRA investments for about 10 years now. They have always been quick to respond to any questions that I have and to process the investment in a very timely manner. Their fee structure is fair as well. You can’t find a better company to deal with for your private equity investments than Equity Trust!

Private Equity Investing Made Easy: myEQUITY

Easily invest in private equity, private entities, and countless other assets online with myEQUITY, our state-of-the-art online account management system. Our technology enables you to:

  • Open an account in minutes with a wizard that walks you through the process
  • Fund your account easily using the Transfer Wizard or set up one-time or recurring ACH payments from a bank account
  • Complete an investment purchase quickly and easily with the Private Equity Wizard, as well as online purchase capabilities for all other asset types
  • Track the status of your investment in real time for full line-of-sight

Why Investors Choose Equity Trust

What are you investing for? Whether your “why” is retirement, healthcare expenses, or a loved one’s education, we make the journey easy with innovative technology and first-class service.

self-directed ira at Equity Trust: limitless possibilities

Nearly Limitless Investments, One Account

Traditional financial institutions limit your account to traditional investments. With Equity Trust, you can truly diversify into a range of options including real estate, private entities, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and more, in addition to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds all in one account.

self-directed ira at Equity Trust: power to succeed

The Power to Help You Succeed

Our size, expertise, and technology help us ensure that we’re there when you need us most. With more than 400 associates focused on processing over 2 million transactions each year, we work diligently to enhance your experience with us. 

self-directed IRA at Equity Trust: support team

Your Direction, Our Support

While you’re in control, rest assured knowing you’re not alone: our knowledgeable, clientfocused associates are here to provide dedicated, personalized service, from opening your account to assisting you with investment transactions. You can lean on our 50 years of experience in the financial services industry. Talk to a knowledgeable IRA Counselor.

Self-Directed IRA at Equity Trust: access to opportunities

Access to Opportunities That Match Your Goals

Don’t have an investment in mind? Most custodians establish your account and leave you on your own to figure it out. Our WealthBridge portal and Investment District online marketplace enable you to find potential investment opportunities with the click of a button. Start your search

Become the Self-Directed Private Entity Investing Expert

Let our industry-leading education and resources help you navigate through your investing journey.


Learn how it works, private equity investing rules, a reallife example, and how to get started.


Browse the taxadvantaged accounts and find one that matches your savings goals from retirement to education to health care savings.


Dig deeper into how private equity investing works in a retirement account.

man on mountain

Ready to Get Started?

Our knowledgeable IRA Counselors can answer your questions about the self-directed investing process and share insight and education about our self-directed accounts to help you decide what options may be best for you.

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