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When you have the power to choose how you invest your money, amazing things can happen. Everyday investors share how they're making a difference with their Equity Trust account.


Using a Roth IRA to House Homeless Veterans and Refugees

John of Indianapolis has provided shelter for dozens of veterans, and more recently, Afghan refugees, through the properties held in his retirement account.

Creating a Lasting Legacy by Investing in the Community

Lamberto found a way to benefit his family well into the future, while helping with housing and economic development in his area now.

Finding Community in Real Estate Note Investing

Tim of North Carolina finds hands-off note investing to be a refreshing change from corporate America.

Helping Small Businesses, Inspiring a Future Generation of Investors

Real estate investors Lorraine and Richard of Florida kept businesses afloat and showed kindness to renters who fell on hard times during the recession – while also inspiring their children to get involved in investing.

Real Estate IRA Income Opens Doors to Meaningful Community Causes

Wayne and his wife can participate in more causes that matter to them because of the real estate income generated in Wayne’s IRA.

Real Estate Investing Contributes to Economic Development

Jan of Missouri helps foster a sense of community and boost economic development through her high-quality renovations and by abiding by The Golden Rule.

Note Investing Helps Community and Future Generations Flourish

Gary’s self-directed investments are fueling local real estate and his family’s financial future. His only regret: not starting sooner.

Self-Directed Investing Fuels Couple’s Global Outreach 

Brad and his wife’s missionary work wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for an investing strategy that enables him to build his wealth faster than by traditional means. 

Lifting Neighborhoods While Recovering Stock Market Losses 

After losing almost half his life savings, Mark of Ohio fought back to regain his financial independence, providing jobs and improving neighborhoods at the same time.

Supporting the American Dream

Kimberly uses her self-directed IRA to help a single mom achieve homeownership. 

Has your Equity Trust IRA investing changed your life or lifted your community? We want to hear about it! Answer a few quick questions about your investment, and we'll follow up with you for more details.

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