Real Estate

Real estate investments can provide investors with a vehicle for both asset income and appreciation. There are multiple ways to invest in real estate through a self-directed account. Your account can invest in residential properties, including single-family or multi-family homes, or in commercial real estate. You can purchase property to use as a rental or to rehab and resell.

There are also other strategies that investors leverage, including wholesaling, real estate options, and land contracts.

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Real Estate can be purchased with your account listed as the sole owner on the deed, as a co-owner by partnering with others, or as tenants in common. If needed, you may also be able to leverage a non-recourse loan, also known as debt financing, to make a real estate investment using your self-directed account.

We’ve simplified the process and made it easy for investors like you to quickly initiate real estate investments through the myEQUITY Real Estate Wizard, including a streamlined Earnest Money Wizard.

Important rules to remember about real estate investing in your account include:

  • You are unable to:
    • Purchase property from a disqualified individual
    • Sell a piece of real estate owned by your account to a disqualified person
  • Disqualified individuals are not able to live, rent, or work on a property owned by your account
  • Any income earned from the property must return to your account
  • All expenses related to maintenance, upkeep, or improvements to the property must be paid from your account
  • For the complete list of rules please visit

Self-Directed Real Estate 101 Guide

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This guide uncovers the mechanics of a self-directed IRA real estate investment.