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Private Debt Lending

Discover the Passive Income Potential of Promissory Notes

Are you interested in real estate investing, but not the added work of managing a property? Do you know of a business or fellow investor in need of a loan?

You can use your IRA funds to loan money to real estate investors or others, securing passive income for your tax-advantaged retirement account. Equity Trust’s online investment and payment collection capabilities make the process simple.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Self-Directed Note Investing

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My last transaction, lending money on a private note was effortless and took minutes.

Alexander, Equity Trust client

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I just wish that I would have known about this 10 years earlier than I do. But I’m glad I do it today.

Mark, Equity Trust client

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If I loan to other investors at a fixed rate, I have predictability and have agreed upon my yield up front. To me, that doesn’t happen in investing anywhere else.

Greg, Equity Trust client

How a Note Works

Private debt investments allow you to loan money from your self-directed account to a designated borrower (company or individual) through a promissory note. The note is a written and signed “promise” that the borrower will pay a sum of money back to your account by a certain date.

  • Mortgage notes
  • Corporate debt
  • Secured and unsecured notes
  • Draw notes
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Auto loans

Learn more about note investing in an IRA

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