Equity Trust Mission Statement and Core Values

Our Mission Statement

To help investors make tax-free profits through education, innovation, and a commitment to understanding their individual needs.

Our core values were created with both our clients and our employees in mind.  These ideas grew into a structure to make it easy for our clients to prosper and our employees to support our mission.
  1. We are Innovators

    We value creativity and forward thinking. The spirit of innovation allows us to constantly improve ourselves and our relationship with our clients. New ideas enable us to solve problems, improve our services, and bring ourselves closer to our clients. Our innovation drives everything from corporate change to our constant improvement of daily tasks.
  2. Knowledge is the Foundation of our Success

    We believe that education is the cornerstone of our success. We do not have factories, machines, or inventory . . . knowledge is our product. By providing education to our clients, we can open their minds to the endless possibilities that are available to them; creating a bond that no competitor can break.
  3. The Client is our Ultimate Boss

    From the CEO to our part time employees, everyone answers to our clients. Each client has the ability to fire all of us by simply choosing to use one of our competitors. We understand and acknowledge the fact we must stay close to our clients. It is critical that we understand their needs. We are client-oriented and have a caring, patient, and positive attitude towards our clients. They give us our direction and the opportunity to succeed.
  4. We Make it Happen

    We have a "get it done" attitude. We are passionate about seizing opportunities in every aspect of our business. Our company's foundation was built on drive and hard work. We are committed to keeping our foundation strong.
  5. We Take Pride in Ourselves, Work, and Company

    The foundation of quality is pride in ourselves and the work that we perform. We are driven by more than a paycheck. We strive to do things right because we believe that our work serves a critical role in the financial well being of our clients.
  6. We Have Fun at What We Do

    We constantly find ways to brighten our days, enlighten our minds, and support each other in what we do. We are positive, optimistic and enjoy our work environment. We believe that a smile and positive attitude are the best indicators of a healthy and harmonious atmosphere.
  7. Reliability is our Ultimate Commitment

    We understand that our clients depend on us and that reliability is our most important promise. Our clients can count on us. We are committed to their success and have a responsibility to ensure we are there for them.
  8. We are All on the Same Team

    We ensure success through building lasting relationships with our clients and each other. We have established an environment where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged and celebrated. We believe that a partnership with our clients is created in every transaction.
  9. Welcome Home

    Equity Trust Company is more than a business . . .we are a family. We share the same goals, have the same values, and have long-term commitments with one another. We are here for each other in times of need and celebration.