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Asset Value Adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset Value Adjustment FAQs

Q: Why is this happening now?
A: Although Equity Trust does not render investment advice or assign values to assets held in its clients’ accounts, we believe that based upon current publicly available information, it is prudent to reduce the value of the asset and remove it from your account.

Q: Will my account be closed?
A: Your account will be closed if this is the only asset held in it. If you have cash or other assets, your account will stay open unless you direct us to close it. All fees associated with the account closure will be waived.

Q: If my account is open, will I be charged fees?
A: Your account containing assets and cash will be subject to Equity Trust’s usual fee schedule.

Q: Why have you changed the value to $1, rather than $0?
A: We are unable to report on assets in your account unless they are assigned a value of $1 or greater.

Q: What if I disagree with the change in value and do not want the value to be changed?
A: Please send your request via email to [email protected].

Q: What if I receive money for this asset at some time in the future?
A: If you ever receive funds back for this asset, contact your tax advisor for guidance about what to do with the money and information about potential tax consequences associated with the transaction. Equity Trust cannot provide tax or legal advice.