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Real Estate

19-Year-Old Investor Turns $10 into $4,800 for His IRA

June 13, 2019
We like Equity Trust’s fee structure: there’s not a cost associated with each transaction
Ryan, Maryland Real Estate Investor

To Ryan, it made sense to opt for a Roth IRA for his self-directed investing.

“I’m pretty young. I can benefit from the tax savings a Roth account offers,” he says, “so it’s a great retirement and savings vehicle for me.”

When analyzing self-directed account custodians, Ryan and his father researched a few options.

“We like Equity Trust’s fee structure: there’s not a cost associated with each transaction,” he says.

Ryan appreciates the customer service, especially as a beginner to self-directed investing.

“For my first deal in my IRA, I had some questions, such as what needs to be done and what needs to be signed,” he says. “I sent my questions in, they were answered quickly.”

On His Way

Ryan plans to complete many more self-directed investments in his Roth IRA – it’s just a matter of finding the right property, location and circumstances.

“I am always looking and trying to help people out with their housing needs while doing it in an IRA,” he says. “I think it is a somewhat creative and interesting vehicle and it can also pave the way for owning rental property in it one day as well.”

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