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Investor Insights Blog|401(k) and Self-Directed IRAs

Tax-Advantaged Accounts

401(k) and Self-Directed IRAs

Can you open an IRA if you already have a 401(k)?

Yes you can.

Some mistakenly believe that if you have a 401(k) through an employer you can’t open an IRA. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements and follow contribution guidelines, you can open an IRA while still having a 401(k).

Dan Caplinger mentions this topic and others in a recent article for Motley Fool discussing four ways IRAs can help people save for the future. In addition, IRAs have tax advantages for investments (as long as IRS rules are followed).

Another misconception about IRAs is that you can only invest in stocks or bonds. In fact, you can invest in a wide variety of assets including real property, promissory notes, private businesses and much more with your IRA.


Can I roll over a 401(k) account into a self-directed IRA?

Yes. A self-directed IRA gives you the ability to diversify your portfolio with additional investments that are permitted by the IRS, in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment.


Can I buy stocks, bonds and mutual funds with a self-directed IRA?

Yes. Some IRA custodians only allow investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds; however a self-directed IRA custodian, such as Equity Trust, allows those types of investments in addition to real estate, notes, private placements, tax lien certificates and more.


Are there educational resources to help me be a more aware investor and protect myself against investment fraud?

In conjunction with the Retirement Industry Trust Association, we have compiled governmental and industry resources to help you, the self-directed investor, in making your investment decisions. As a reminder, all investments carry risk including loss of principal. No governmental agency or IRA custodian approves or guarantees investments.

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