Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate Markets for Equity Trust Clients (Some Might Surprise You)

By Heather Taylor1 Comments

The state where Equity Trust clients have paid the most for real estate investments might surprise you.

According to newly released data, the state with the highest median purchase price for Equity Trust clients’ real estate purchases in 2018: Idaho.

These are 10 states with the highest real estate purchase price for our clients’ self-directed investments:

On the other end of the spectrum, these are the 10 states where the median real estate investment price was the lowest of our clients’ investments:

While some investors might be surprised by some of the states that made each list, others might be surprised at the median price of the real estate investments that are being made in some states.

The common factor in these stats is that each of these real estate investors took advantage of self-directed investing to make these purchases. Through a tax-advantaged account, they were able to fund their purchase, and any profits flow back into their account, tax-free or tax-deferred.

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