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Investor Insights Blog|Checkbook LLC IRA: Proceed with Caution

Self-Directed IRA Concepts

Checkbook LLC IRA: Proceed with Caution

checkbook control hands writing check

What the Recent McNulty vs. Commissioner Tax Court Case Suggests About This Risky IRA Practice

Checkbook LLC IRAs and variations thereof can be enticing for alternative asset investors, especially with respect to investing in assets like real estate and precious metals. However, a recent tax court case, MCNULTY v. COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, examined the issue of the IRA owner having “unfettered control” over the assets held in the IRA account. Where this leaves the option of checkbook control remains a question.

In the recent IRS case, the taxpayer formed an LLC, funding the LLC with cash from their IRA, then purchased precious metals. The client physically stored these metals at their personal property. The tax court ruled this was a prohibited transaction, and the client suffered stiff consequences and penalties, effectively distributing the entire account, and imposing a 20-percent penalty on top of the distribution tax.

Video: Checkbook LLC IRA

“Independent oversight by a third-party fiduciary to track and monitor investment activities is one of the key aspects of the statutory scheme. When coins or bullion are in the physical possession of the IRA owner (in whatever capacity the owner may be acting), there is no independent oversight that could prevent the owner from invading her retirement funds. This lack of oversight is clearly inconsistent with the statutory scheme. Personal control over the IRA assets by the IRA owner is against the very nature of an IRA.” McNulty vs. Commissioner, 157 T.C. No.10 (Nov. 18, 2021)

The ruling reiterated the importance of a custodian when IRA assets are involved:

“A custodian is required to maintain custody of the IRA assets, maintain the required records, and process transactions that involve IRA assets…While an IRA owner may act as a conduit or agent of the IRA custodian; she may do so only as long as she is not in constructive or actual receipt of the IRA assets.”

Access the full whitepaper – Checkbook LLC IRA: Proceed with Caution – to learn more about what this ruling means for checkbook control, frequently asked questions, and more.


How do I set up a self-directed retirement account?

To set up a self-directed retirement account with Equity Trust visit myEQUITY and start the process today. You can also visit How to Get Started for more information. Or simply schedule a free, one-on-one consultation with an Equity Trust Senior Account Executive.


Can I check my account online to see the status of my account?

Yes. Once your account has been opened and you have your own Client Access PIN (personal identification number) you can check the status of your transfer online or feel free to contact Equity Trust. Our intuitive and interactive account management site, myEQUITY, provides a responsive experience for computers, tablets and mobile devices offering around-the-clock account access at home or on-the-go.

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