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Roth IRA

Time to Consider a Roth Conversion?

September 11, 2019

How to request a conversion to a Roth account at Equity Trust Company

  1. Establish a Roth account with Equity Trust Company. You can do this by completing the application process using the Account Open Wizard in myEQUITY.
  2. Once you have established a Roth Account, you must complete the Roth Conversion Form, also found in myEQUITY.

If you are requesting assets be converted, you may be required to provide an updated Fair Market Value for each asset by submitting a Fair Market Valuation Form.

If you have questions regarding your specific requirements, please contact your Client Service Team.

Video: Learn more about converting to a Roth IRA

Plan ahead

A Roth conversion has the potential to be a complex undertaking – especially if you are considering converting alternative assets such as real estate.

As with any significant financial or investment decision, it is considered prudent to allow yourself ample time to consult with your financial or tax advisor and prepare the necessary documentation.

If you determine converting to a Roth is appropriate for you, please visit to begin your request.

Video: Learn more about converting to a Roth IRA

It is possible to transfer funds from an IRA you hold at another custodian or a retirement plan from a prior employer, provided the tax environments are the same. A traditional IRA held by another custodian needs to have its funds transferred to a traditional IRA. A Roth IRA needs to have its funds moved to a Roth IRA. Our retirement account specialists can help you determine what type of account you need to open at Equity Trust to move your funds in an approved manner.

Yes. For instance, if you wish to transfer funds from a traditional IRA to an Equity Trust self-directed IRA, the funds must be transferred to a traditional IRA.

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