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Helping a Local Car Dealership with IRA Funds

April 1, 2020
For new people who are just getting into self-directed investing, there are a ton of opportunities to do stuff like this.
Matt, Self-Directed Investor

Filling a Need in the Community

The beauty of this type of private lending is that the need exists in almost every industry.

“It doesn’t have to be cars. There are probably safer or better deals out there, but I happen to be comfortable with the dealers I’m working with,” says Matt.

Matt believes there are many small business owners searching for capital for various reasons, the key is to find and vet the opportunities you come across to determine if it’s the right fit for both parties.

In the end, Matt gave his retirement a boost while helping a local business improve and grow. His experience demonstrates the democratization of capital at work.

It’s an example of how self-directed IRAs can help position investors like Matt to profit their retirement beyond the stock market, while also contributing to the well-being of small businesses and local communities.

15-Minute Guide to Notes Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

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