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Investor Insights Blog|How to Invest in Gold and Other Precious Metals with an Equity Trust IRA

SDIRA Concepts

How to Invest in Gold and Other Precious Metals with an Equity Trust IRA

It is possible to use self-directed IRAs and other self-directed retirement accounts to invest in gold coins and bullion, as well as silver, other precious metals, and many other alternative assets.

Curious about how investing in a gold IRA works? Here’s how the precious metals investment process works at Equity Trust Company once you have opened your Equity Trust self-directed account (

3 Steps to Investing in Gold and Other Metals in an Equity Trust IRA

1. Fund Your IRA or Other Account

You can fund your account through a cash or check deposit, ACH transaction, or wire transfer. You may also roll over all or a portion of other qualified retirement accounts to your self-directed IRA account.

Transfers and rollovers explained

transfers and rollovers

2. Equity Trust Processes Your Selected Investment

Once you select your precious metals investment, Equity Trust processes the investment per your instructions and sends the funds to your selected precious metals dealer to complete the purchase. After the purchase and closing is final, your IRA owns the asset. It is then stored in a depository for safekeeping.

Precious Metals IRA 15-Minute Guide

3. Manage the Investment within Your IRA

Our state-of-the-art myEQUITY account management system allows you to manage your account around the clock, from any device. You’ll be able to view balances, transactions and account history, direct purchases and monitor pending transactions.

[More information: Precious Metals Investing FAQ]

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about investing in precious metals in an IRA. Schedule a consultation or call us at 888-382-4727.

Video: Investing in Precious Metals in an IRA



How do I roll over funds to my self-directed IRA?

After you open your account with Equity Trust, you will contact your previous employer regarding the required paperwork to roll over an IRA. In most cases this will include account numbers and balances. If you do not have that information, an Equity Trust specialist can contact your previous employer or plan administrator while you are on the line. Then you will complete all paperwork received from the plan administrator and ask the plan administrator to transfer your retirement assets to your new Equity Trust IRA account number.

If the plan administrator for your previous employer’s plan requires Equity Trust to complete a portion of the distribution form, please mail it to Equity Trust Company along with the most current plan statement. Equity Trust will complete the required sections and mail the paperwork to the plan administrator.


How long do rollovers take?

The portion of the account rollover process that Equity Trust is responsible for takes approximately two to three business days. The amount of time expected for a direct rollover from a qualified plan is approximately seven to 60 days. The actual time will vary depending on the speed with which your qualified plan administrator responds to the transfer request.


How long do transfers take?

The portion of the account transfer process that Equity Trust is responsible for takes approximately two to three business days. Once the transfer form has been mailed, the speed of process is up to the transferring custodian. The entire process can range from a few days to upwards of two months. Generally speaking, transfers take the following amount of time:

  • Cash Transfers- No matter where funds are being transferred from, cash transfers take the shortest period of time, approximately one to four business days.
  • Transfer from a Brokerage Account- The amount of time expected for a brokerage account transfer is approximately 10 to 15 business days from the date paperwork is completed. The actual time will vary depending on the speed with which the brokerage firm responds to our request.
  • Transfer from a Mutual Fund- The amount of time expected for a mutual fund transfer is approximately 14 to 21 days after the paperwork is received. The actual time will vary, depending on the speed with which the mutual fund responds to the transfer request.

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