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Investor Insights Blog|3 Steps to Investing with a Self-Directed IRA Online

Managing Your Account

3 Steps to Investing with a Self-Directed IRA Online

man on laptop

Investing in real estate, promissory notes, and other alternative assets with a retirement account has historically been a complex, paper-intensive process.

However, Equity Trust clients can enjoy a streamlined, online experience with myEQUITY.com.

Featuring intuitive investment wizards for many of the most common self-directed IRA investments – including real estate, private equity, and promissory notes – myEQUITY makes it easy to invest online in three simple steps.

1) Initiate Your Investment with an Easy-to-Use Wizard

myEQUITY Real Estate, Private Debt, Private Equity, and Mutual Fund wizards walk you, step by step, through the process of initiating an investment for your account.

Simply select the investment you wish to make and, in just a few minutes, the myEQUITY wizard collects the details of your investment through a series of targeted questions and helpful prompts.

You have the option to upload supporting documentation for your investment, such as a copy of the purchase contract or promissory note.

2) Track the Status of Your Investment with a Clear Line of Sight

After initiating your investment, the myEQUITY TransactionTracker provides real-time status updates and direct contact information for your assigned liaison.

Your liaison will work directly with your or a designated third party to collect any additional information and final documentation needed to complete the transaction and fund your investment.

If needed, you can upload additional documents directly to the TransactionTracker status page with comments for your liaison to streamline the process. Once all required information is collected, Equity Trust sends funds according to your instructions to complete the investment.

3) Manage Your Investment on Your Schedule

After purchase and closing or final funding is complete, myEQUITY continues to make it easy to manage investments in your account with around-the-clock access, from any device.

Pay one-time or recurring expenses related to your investment with the myEQUITY Online Bill Pay Wizard and funds can be sent from your account within one business day. Your payee information is saved in myEQUITY, making future payments even faster.

myEQUITY allows you to generate pre-filled Deposit Coupons to accompany any returns on your investments in your account (such as interest earned, rental income received, installment payments, or payments in full).

Keep track of your investments with streamlined dashboards of the assets in your account, account balances and the cash transaction/activity history. And enjoy simplified recordkeeping with the ability to sort and filter by account, asset or date with export options available.

Whether at home or on the go, everything you need to manage your Equity Trust Company account is available in myEQUITY.

It’s easy to get started:

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