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Investor Insights Blog|Top States With Out-of-State Real Estate Investments in Equity Trust IRAs

Real Estate

Top States With Out-of-State Real Estate Investments in Equity Trust IRAs

United States map with pins

A recent Wall Street Journal article cast a spotlight on self-directed real estate investing and shared that an increasing number of investors are investing in properties in Cleveland due to favorable pricing. Investors are flocking to Ohio from as far away as California to take advantage of the housing prices and resale potential.

As we’ve highlighted, some Equity Trust self-directed investors are interested in real estate as an alternative investment but are priced out of their local market or have knowledge of other markets in the country.

For these reasons and more, investors have found benefits in investing in a rental property or fix-and-flip outside of their home state.

Which states receive the highest proportion of out-of-state real estate investing activity? We looked at clients’ real estate purchases in their self-directed IRAs to reveal where the percentage of non-resident purchases was the highest.

Self-Directed IRA Master Course: Real Estate

Top 10 States Out-of-Town Real Estate Investors Purchase Properties in their Equity Trust IRAs:

1. Washington, D.C.
2. North Dakota
3. Nebraska
4. Connecticut
5. Arkansas
6. Maine
7. Nevada (tie)
7. Vermont (tie)
9. New Mexico
10. Delaware

Curious to see how other states rank? Here is the entire map showing the percentage of each state’s Equity Trust IRA real estate purchases that were made by out-of-state investors.

States with out-of-town real estate investors
Source: Equity Trust Data

Interested in more real estate investor data, including the states with the highest and lowest purchase prices for self-directed investment property? Download our latest  Self-Directed Real Estate Market Report now.



If I invested in a rental property with my IRA, how does the rental income get into my account?

Rental payments are sent to Equity Trust for the benefit of (FBO) your IRA. The checks or money order should be made payable to: “Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO [Your Name] IRA.”

Once received, the checks or money orders are deposited into your IRA. All checks must be sent to Equity Trust with a payment coupon.


Can my IRA purchase real estate that I currently own?

No. This is considered a prohibited transaction (see IRC 4975). You may not purchase a property, or interest in a property, that’s currently owned by a disqualified person, which includes yourself.

Self-Directed Real Estate Market Report

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