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Investor Insights Blog|How to Purchase Real Estate in an IRA with a Loan

Real Estate

How to Purchase Real Estate in an IRA with a Loan

Have you found a great real estate investment opportunity for your IRA, but lack the capital necessary to complete the deal?

There are options available to secure the necessary funds. For example, your IRA could potentially take out a loan – known as a non-recourse loan.

With a non-recourse loan, the only collateral securing the loan is the property being purchased with the loan.

There are rules to be aware of when using debt financing, so it’s important you understand how it works before you begin.

On-Demand Webinar: Purchasing Real Estate in an IRA with a Loan

Matt Allen, vice president of the IRA Lending Division of North American Savings Bank joins us to discuss how to obtain a loan in your IRA – the correct way.

The webinar reveals:

  • Who you can partner with on self-directed deals
  • An overview of debt financing and its advantages
  • A rundown of the types of loan programs available to you today

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