Easy, Fast Rent & Loan Payments for Tenants, Property Managers, and Borrowers:
Send rental payments or loan repayments to Equity Trust accounts via ACH direct debits using the Online Payment Center.


We’re aware of a phishing campaign in which cybercriminals were using domains similar to our own to mimic official Equity Trust emails. Please note that all emails from Equity Trust will only come from the domain @trustetc.com, including @email.trustetc.com. We have already worked with officials to have this attack neutralized. If you were the recipient of one of these emails, please delete the message.

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Non-Recourse Lending

Debt Financing Overview

  • An account can take on a loan to purchase property
  • The loan must be non-recourse, meaning the only collateral securing the loan is the property being purchased with the loan
    • Other assets held within the account or the account holder personally cannot be held liable in the event of a default on the repayment of the non-recourse loan
  • Mortgage payments of the non-recourse loan held within the account must be paid from the account
    • Bill payments must be submitted to send payment for the mortgage
      • A recurring bill payment can be set up to automatically send payments for the mortgage on a scheduled basis
  • The following must be submitted with your debt-financed real estate purchase request:
    • Real Estate Direction of Investment
    • Non-Recourse Loan Documentation
      • Promissory Note (including verbiage that loan is non-recourse)
      • Deed of Trust/Mortgage
      • All loan paperwork should be signed by the account holder
    • Settlement Statement or HUD showing the correct titling and funding amount along with any documents that will require Equity Trust Company’s signature

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