Get Started with a Small Business Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Open Your Account

Open your account using the myEQUITY Online Application Wizard.

Open your account online in less than 10 minutes. You will be guided through the steps to provide your personal information and method of funding for your account. Then after completing a final review your application will be submitted.

What’s next?

Your account will typically be opened within 3 business days. Delays may occur if there are any corrections needed from you in order to complete the account setup process.

Step 2. Fund Your Account

Fund your new account with a contribution, transfer an existing account, rollover, or use a combination of all three methods.

We can help facilitate the transfer or rollover to fund your account so that you can start investing.

Step 3. Start Investing

Once your account is open and funded, you are ready to invest.

You direct all investments for your account with the freedom and flexibility to diversify your portfolio with both alternative and traditional assets.

Equity Trust will process the investment, per your direction, on behalf of your account.

You can process your investment direction online using the intuitive wizards or Transaction Launcher feature on myEQUITY to submit your request. The Transaction Tracker and dashboard provides access to monitor transactions, around-the-clock and from any device.


Need Help Opening Your Account?

Call 855-673-4721 or schedule a consultation and a Senior Account Executive will answer your questions and walk you through the process.

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