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The Roger Report – From Digital Currency Index founder Roger Bryan, a cryptocurrency investing expert and leading advocate of blockchain technology.
  • Roger Report: January 2019 – What are analysts saying about Bitcoin’s future? Discover the latest in the cryptocurrency world at the start of 2019, including information about a potential new crypto trading exchange coordinating with NASDAQ as well as the latest on Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and BitcoinCash.

  • Roger Report: February 2019 - Will cryptocurrency investing make inroads on Wall St. soon? The New York Stock Exchange filed a proposal with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF and seven cryptocurrency exchanges have begun the complex process of being approved by NASDAQ. Read more about that and the latest details on six popular cryptocurrencies.

  • Roger Report: March 2019 – Facebook could be working to launch it's own cryptocurrency according to a recent article in the New York Times. How could that impact cryptocurrency markets, plus the latest on tokenization is featured in this section.

  • Roger Report: April 2019 – What's causing the bitcoin bullrun in April? The latest edition of the Roger Report discusses possible causes, plus reviews recent industry news including an SEC cryptocurrency report. Also, read details on the six popular cryptocurrencies.

  • Roger Report: May 2019 – Facebook is looking to launch its own cryptocurrency for their platform. Is this why the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been higher recently? Plus discover how new regulation of cryptocurrencies in Europe could impact markets in the U.S. Read about those items and details on six popular cryptocurrencies.

  • Roger Report: June 2019 – As cryptocurrencies gain in popularity, some people begin to ask - is now the right time to invest? This month's Roger Report discusses the potential 5 reasons someone might want to buy bitcoin.

  • Roger Report: July 2019 – Facebook's cryptocurrency (Libra) announcement makes waves - how will it impact overall cryptocurrency investing? The latest blockchain insights and securitized token offerings (STO) are covered in this issue.

  • Roger Report: August 2019 – FThe IRS sent 10,000 letters to cryptocurrency investors reminding them to file taxes on gains. This issue reveals more details and how it could impact investors. Plus, the report covers the latest insights and trends on popular coins including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum.


Roger Bryan’s Crypto Video Blog – A video recap from Roger Bryan, providing insights in the fast moving, evolving asset class of cryptocurrency.
  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: January 2019 – What does 2019 have in store for cryptocurrency? Roger breaks down where cryptocurrency stands in terms of the overall financial markets, he details upcoming news that could impact cryptocurrency investments, and provides updates on six different cryptocurrency coins.

  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: February 2019 – Roger breaks down news stories on the potential of NASDAQ approved cryptocurrency exchanges, the outlook of blockchain in 2019 from JP Morgan, and details on a recently proposed Bitcoin ETF.

  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: March 2019 – Roger reviews four things that could impact cryptocurrency markets, as well as the latest on the potential of Facebook creating its own cryptocurrency.

  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: April 2019 – Bitcoin prices (and other cryptocurrencies) began to surge on April 1, reaching highs not seen in months. Roger discusses the possible causes and what it could mean for the future. He also discusses the latest on the SEC cryptocurrency report.

  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: May 2019 – Roger dives into recent securitized token offering news, as well as reports of Facebook creating it's own cryptocurrency. Could this be the reason for increased prices? Discover the latest cryptocurrency news in this month's report.

  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: June 2019 – In this month's video Roger tackles the 5 reasons you might want to buy Bitcoin. He also breaks down the latest details on six popular cryptocurrencies, as well as the adoption of blockchain technologies at large corporations including Kodak and Visa.

  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: July 2019 – The Facebook Libra announcement will impact cryptocurrency investors - Roger explains what could be the positives and negatives. Plus, a discussion on recent trends with cryptocurrencies Riplle and Litecoin.

  • Roger Bryan’s Video Recap: August 2019 – If a recession is on the horizon, could Bitcoin be a hedge for investors? Roger provide insights on that topic, as well as what the recent IRS reminder to cryptocurrency investors to file taxes means to the industry at large.


Cryptocurrency Investing with Potential Tax Advantages

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