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Reporting Fraud

Reporting Fraud, Scams & Ponzi Schemes

Being the victim of fraud is an unfortunate, upsetting experience. Feelings of sadness, anger, embarrassment, and betrayal are common and it is natural for the victim to want to just put it all behind them. Equity Trust Company knows criminals who commit fraud and prey on people to scam them out of their hard-earned money rely on the silence of prior victims.

While Equity Trust Company takes measures to protect clients against becoming involved in a prohibited transaction, it is outside of the scope of our responsibility as a directed custodian to review the legitimacy of investments. Equity Trust Company encourages our clients to complete the necessary due diligence as well as consult their attorney, accountant and/or financial advisor.

Once an investor gains evidence an investment loss is not the result of naturally occurring poor performance, the possibility of being a fraud victim becomes the next step to explore.

Scams and Investment Fraud: Where to Turn

If you become the victim of a Ponzi scheme or other scam of a fraudulent investment, reach out to the agencies listed below. The agents can help by taking the next steps to try to bring the criminal to justice.

There is no guarantee of receiving restitution or compensation for your losses, but speaking up helps others avoid falling prey to criminals.