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Statement FAQs

Equity Trust Quarterly Statements: FAQ

See answers to your questions about accessing, managing, and understanding Equity Trust quarterly statements, including electronic enrollment, statement schedules, asset valuation, and troubleshooting common issues.


Where can I find my quarterly statement?

If you have elected to receive electronic statements, they can be found by visiting www.myEQUITY.com, clicking on “My Accounts,” and “Statements,” and “Statements.” Review this Statement Guide for further details.

Paper statements are mailed to the address you have on file at Equity Trust.


How can I enroll in electronic statements?

  1. Log in to myEQUITY
  2. For more information on enrolling into myEQUITY, click here.

  3. Click on Profile > Preferences
  4. Click on “Manage Statement Preferences”
  5. Click the check box “Yes, I elect to receive electronic statements”, click Next, click submit.
  6. ** What if the email address shown on the page is incorrect? **

    • Click on Profile > Personal Information
    • Click on Update Email Address
    • Complete the Multifactor Authentication by entering the code
    • Replace the current email address with your new information, click Submit.

How can I un-enroll in electronic statements?

If you would like to receive paper statements, please note, a paper statement fee will apply. Your Equity Trust fee schedule will provide additional information.

To update your statement preference:

  1. Log into myEQUITY
  2. For more information on enrolling in myEQUITY, click here.

  3. Click on Profile > Preferences
  4. Click on “Manage Statement Preferences”
  5. Deselect the checkbox, “Yes, I elect to receive electronic statements”, click Next, click Submit.

When can I expect my statement?

Statements are produced for each quarter and made available in the month following.

Quarter Statement Period Availability
1 January – March April
2 April – June July
3 July – September October
4 October – December January

How will I know when my electronic statement is available?

An email will be sent to the email address of record when the statement is accessible within myEQUITY.


Can my authorized third party receive a statement copy?

Authorized third parties, including Account Designated Representatives and Interested Parties, may elect to receive electronic statements via myEQUITY. Physical statements are not available for third parties.


Why can’t I see my historical statements?

Once enrolled, you will have access to the last 12 quarterly statements. There are no electronic statements available for dates prior to Q4 of 2020. Requests for historical statements can be made by emailing [email protected].


Why does my Precious Metals value not match the purchase invoice?

For precious metals, the total and individual value(s) are reflected at the spot price per ounce on the statement and may not represent an accurate valuation of the precious metals held. The spot price shown does not include premiums, commissions, spreads or any numismatic value. For a more accurate valuation of the precious metals held, please contact your precious metals dealer or financial advisor.

For all custodial assets, Equity Trust Company does not guarantee or verify the accuracy of the prices obtained by outside services or from any other source, including an independent appraisal provided by you. Such values may be general approximations and are only for guidance and reporting purposes and should not be deemed to be an accurate representation of the true fair market value of such asset(s). View these items to learn more about Valuing Metals in Your Equity Trust Account Video or review the Precious Metals Risk and Fee Disclosure.


What should I do if the asset value(s) on my statement is not accurate?

The account value used to calculate your Annual Maintenance Fee is based on the asset valuation as of the last business day of the year. For any values to be updated by this date, Fair Market Valuation Forms must have been received by December 15.

To ensure fees are assessed accurately, please submit valuation forms and supporting documentation as early as possible.  Fair Market Valuation activities can be submitted in myEQUITY. To view a video about Fair Market Valuations, click here.

  1. Log into myEQUITY
  2. For more information on enrolling into myEQUITY, click here.

  3. Click on “Manage”, click on Transaction Launcher
  4. Click Launch Transaction Launcher
  5. Select the Process Type “Update an Asset’s Value”
  6. Select Process Sub Type “General”
  7. Upload the completed Fair Market Valuation Form and supporting documents required based on the asset being update.

What does “Waiting Receipt of Confirmation” mean?

“Waiting Receipt of Confirmation” indicates that we are waiting to receive original documents to confirm the purchase of your investment. Original documents should be mailed to:

Equity Trust Company

1 Equity Way

Westlake, OH 44145


What type of documentation is needed for assets that are showing on the statement as “Action Required”?

For an asset to reflect as settled on the quarterly statement and no longer requiring action, documentation confirming your Equity Trust account’s ownership of the asset is required.

To review the necessary documentation based on the type of asset, click here.


What does the different terminology mean that is displayed on the statement?

This Quarterly Statement guide provides detailed information about each section of your Equity Trust statement, including terminology you may find on your statement.