In observance of Thanksgiving, our offices will be closed on Thursday, November 24, 2022.
We will resume regular business hours on Friday, November 25.
Clients can visit myEQUITY any time to see status updates, submit new requests, and receive up-to-date information regarding accounts.

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Statement FAQs

Q: Who do I call with questions about my statement?
A: To speak with a representative who can answer questions about your statement, please call 888-382-4727.

Q: What does “Waiting Receipt of Confirmation” mean?
A: “Waiting Receipt of Confirmation” indicates that we are waiting to receive original documents to confirm the purchase of your investment. Original documents should be mailed to:

Equity Trust Company
1 Equity Way
Westlake, OH 44145

Q: What documents do I need for my “Action Required” Assets?

Entity/Private Debt
C-CorpSubscription Agreement
Joint VentureJoint Venture Agreement
Land TrustLand Trust Agreement
Paper TrustPaper Trust Agreement
Personal Property TrustPersonal Property Trust Agreement
Private StockStock Certificate
REITTrust Documents
AnnuitiesAnnuity Agreement
Annuities with Amortization ScheduleAnnuity Agreement
Debentures/BondsDebenture/Bond Certificate
Equipment Leasing/LeasingLease Agreement
Land ContractLand Contract
Mobile homeMobile Home Title
Oil and GasOil and Gas Agreement
Real Estate OptionOption Agreement
Structured SettlementSettlement Documentation
Warrant/Options of StockWarrant Agreement
Promissory Note
Corporate Participating DebtPromissory Note & Participation Agreement
Corporate DebtPromissory Note
Promissory Note Secured by Deed of TrustPromissory Note & Recorded Deed of Trust
Promissory Note Secured w/ MortgagePromissory Note & Recorded Mortgage
Promissory Note – UnsecuredPromissory Note
Promissory Note Secured w/ Other CollateralPromissory Note & Collateral Agreement
Real Estate
Real PropertyRecorded Deed
Real Property Purchased with Debt FinancingRecorded Deed

Q: I sent in original documents for my asset already, who do I contact to resolve this?
A: If you have sent Equity Trust Company original documentation for an asset in your account and you see the asset under “Action Required”, you can contact us by fax at 440-365-1449, by email at [email protected], or by calling 888-382-4727.

Q: What does the terminology under “Quarterly Account Summary” stand for?
A: You will see Deposits, Withdrawals, Fees & Charges, and Transfers under the “Quarterly Account Summary” section of your statement.

  • “Deposits” reflects your total cash deposits such as dividends, interest, cash transfers, contributions, rollovers, etc.
  • “Withdrawals” reflects all cash withdrawals such as purchases, distributions, cash transfer outs, bill pays, etc.
  • “Fees & Charges” reflects all service and maintenance fees deducted from account for the Quarter.
  • “Transfers” reflects all in-kind asset transfers for both incoming and outgoing transfers. If you had an incoming and outgoing transfer, the amount on the transfer line would be the net value. For example, if you had an incoming asset transfer of $50,000.00 and an outgoing asset transfer of $30,000.00, the “Transfers” value will be $20,000.00 on the statement.

Q: What does “Change in Account Value” mean?
A: “Change in Account Value” reflects the difference in the value of your assets (excluding cash) from the previous quarter to the current quarter.

Q: What is a “Debt Instrument”?
A: A “Debt Instrument” is also known as a promissory note.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “Exchange In” mean?
A: The term “Exchange In” reflects the incoming asset for the asset replacement process.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “Exchange Out” mean?
A: The term “Exchange Out” reflects the outgoing asset for the asset replacement process.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “Value Update” mean?
A: The term “Value Update” reflects an asset value adjustment resulting from a partial or full sale, purchase, replacement, fair market valuation, bill pay add-on, or change in value as indicated on a payment coupon.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “Redemption” mean?
A: The term “Redemption” reflects a deposit of cash into your account from the sale of an asset. This term reflects the classification used in Equity Trust Company’s system prior to 02/21/2012.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “Sale” mean?
A: The term “Sale” reflects the removal of an asset as a result of the proceeds of sale.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “Proceed Sale” mean?
A: The term “Proceed Sale” reflects a deposit of cash into your account from the proceeds or full sale of an asset.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “EFT Deposit” mean?
A: The term “EFT Deposit” reflects the movement of cash from your ETC Brokerage Services account to your IRA cash balance.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “EFT Withdrawal” mean?
A: The term “EFT Withdrawal” reflects the movement of cash from your IRA cash balance to your ETC Brokerage Services account.

Q: What does the Daily Account Activity term “Courier Fee” mean?
A: The term “Courier Fee” reflects a mailing fee such as an Overnight or Certified mail fee.

Q: How do I enroll in e-statements?
A: To enroll in e-statements, you will first need to enroll in Equity Trust Company’s myEQUITY system.