New Self-Directed IRA Q&A Series: Ask the IRA Expert

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Using your IRA to invest in non-traditional investments offers an exciting array of opportunities. However, the shift from relying on the stock market for growth to taking control in a self-directed IRA can leave many with questions about non-traditional assets and the role they play in your IRA.

Equity Trust is pleased to announce a new regular series designed to educate and inform investors on the nuances of self-directed investing. Whether you’ve had a self-directed IRA for years or you are just finding out you can invest in alternatives such as real estate, tax liens and more with your retirement money, we’re asking everyone to submit their questions.

John Bowens, National Education Specialist, will be answering your questions about this little-known retirement tool. John has been using his experience and skills to travel the country, providing insight to new and seasoned investors alike on the power of a self-directed IRA as part of Equity University’s Wealth Building Workshops.

Do you have a question about self-directed investing or alternative assets? John wants to help. Each week, John will select one question and provide a simple and easy to understand answer.
To ask our IRA Expert a question, please email