New Investor Insights Webinar Covers Land Trusts and Much More

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Self-directed IRAs offer many advantages, including the ability for the investor to choose investment options beyond just stocks and bonds. One successful investing strategy that clients utilize is the use of land trusts. Many investors choose to use land trusts because it helps protect the privacy of the investor and keeps the investment anonymous to the general public.
Another reason clients use land trusts is for logistical and management purposes. For example, some investors prefer to use a physical checkbook from a bank account to pay the management and improvement expenses for a piece of property rather than the online checkbook through the myEQUITY system afforded to Equity Trust clients. Instead they set up a land trust to own the property and then (if the land trust trustee is a non-disqualified person) have the trustee manage the properties owned by the land trust using the bank account tied to the land trust. It is important to note that the IRA account holder cannot be the trustee, nor can they have access to the funds.
In the most recent installment of the monthly Investor Insights webinar series, Community Learning: Case Studies and Successful Investments, National Education Specialist John Bowens details how a client successfully utilized a land trust to invest in multiple investment properties. You can find a 7-minute preview video and learn more about the Investor Insights monthly webinar program here.