Are You Taking Advantage of Tax Diversification?

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
Even though tax season is rushing toward the April 15 filing deadline, there’s still time to open a traditional or Roth IRA and contribute toward your 2014 limit if you haven’t already filed. 

But what if you’ve already filed for 2014? Consider April as a second ‘new year’ for making good on your 2015 financial goals.  Your 2014 tax information is a chance to take stock of your financial standing and see how your current actions line up with your ambitions.    

For example, take a look at tax diversification.  People often hold traditional and Roth IRAs, in addition to their 401(k) and various savings accounts in order to make the most of any eligible tax advantages. 

Explore possible new choices applicable to your personal situation.  Seeking the guidance of your tax and/or financial advisor can yield some interesting opportunities as you refine your retirement plans. 

Plus, Equity Trust can help you review the retirement accounts available – such as small business accounts. Schedule a free IRA checkup with one of our Senior Account Executives and learn more about options for diversifying the tax aspect of your portfolio.