Women Could Soon Overtake Men in Wealth Possession

By Brendan Hughes0 Comments

We’re all created equal, as the saying goes. But if you’re interested in keeping tally, women are steadily catching up to men and are expected to tip the scale with a greater proportion of the nation’s wealth by 2030, according to Crain’s Wealth’s research.

If you look at the numbers the publication found, it starts to paint a picture of why women are rising in the ranks of wealth retention. Crain’s talked to advisors and found that:
  • Two-thirds of women earn the same or more than their spouse, while 46 percent out-earn their spouse
  • A majority of women come into a relationship with more assets than their spouse
  • Women often have a large role – if not the sole role – in the family investment decisions
Women have achieved this wealth on a tight schedule, advisors say, explaining that they’re often faced with extra tasks in their spare time, such as overseeing the care of elderly family members.

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