Top Infographics of 2014

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Check out these illustrations of some unique self-directed investments from 2014, a walk-through of the self-directed investing process, and a look at how your fellow investors are saving for retirement.
How Does a Self-Directed Investment Really Work?
Investing in real estate, or other alternative assets, with an IRA is very similar to investing in these assets outside of an IRA. There are a few minor differences and some rules to be aware of. Equity Trust, with 40 years of self-directed investing experience, can help lay out the roadmap that you can use to build your retirement wealth.


Top 10 Unique Self-Directed Investments of 2014
Have you ever wondered what other Equity Trust clients are investing in with their self-directed IRAs? You wouldn’t believe some of the creative ways that our clients are growing their retirement savings. Check out just a few of the unique investments that our clients have completed over the last year.


How are You Saving for Retirement?
Have you ever wondered if you are the only one that is concerned about saving for your future? With over 6,000 Americans turning 65 each day, more and more of us are inching closer to our retirement. See how your plans stack up to the rest of the country.