Top Videos of 2014

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Take another look at the videos that enlightened you this year, including insight from a client who realized he could save thousands of dollars with self-directed investing, an easy-to-understand depiction of how self-directed IRAs work, and more.
Equity Trust Client Shares Story of Tax-Free Investing Success
Stan B. from Shaker Heights, OH, explains how he finally realized that self-directed investing could save him thousands in taxes. Stan also gives his advice to people considering making the switch to retirement savings with a self-directed IRA.
Unprecedented Growth Results as Client Takes Control with with Self-Directed Investing
Tami S. from Beachwood, OH, explains why she moved her retirement savings from being managed by financial planner and how she really took control of her future with self-directed investing. Since doing so, she has seen tremendous growth, never seen with her financial planner.
How to Set Up a Self-Directed IRA
Self-directed IRAs can seem intimidating, but they don't have to be. These powerful tax-advantaged accounts can offer needed diversification and big profits for your retirement portfolio. See what steps are necessary to set up and begin investing in a self-directed IRA.