Review 2017 Account Maintenance and Retirement Planning Education

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Blog posts about required minimum distributions, important retirement planning ages, and making deposits to your account were among the most popular posts in 2017.
Retirement Planning Ages You Need to Know
When planning for retirement you should be aware of 7 different ages, according to a recent Forbes article.

Guide to Making Deposits to Your Account
The following information should help you make sure your deposits are properly labeled.

Which Direction of Investment Form Should be Used for an Entity Investment?
If your IRA invests in an entity, such as a LLC, Limited Partnership, or Land Trust, using the correct Direction of Investment form may be confusing.  Here are some guidelines to help you select the proper form.

Study Finds People Aren’t Using IRAs as Intended – Why Not?
Congress established IRAs 40 years ago to help people actively save for retirement, but a recent study finds most people focus on employer-sponsored plans, such as 401(k)s.