Top Blog Posts of 2018

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From inspiring case studies to Roth IRA strategies, the most-read blog posts of the year represent a range of self-directed investing topics.

Case Studies

Couple Discovers Partnering to Purchase Real Estate in an IRA
Combining small-dollar IRAs with another funding source heightened the Colorado couple's investing possibilities.

2 Investments Earn $130,000 in Profits to Help Boost 5 Self-Directed Accounts
Equity Trust’s 2017 Self-Directed Investor of the Year uses his real estate investing knowledge to help grow his children’s CESAs as well as his IRAs. 

Short of funds in his savings, Utah resident Colin used his self-directed IRA to purchase a potential campsite as an investment. 

Exploring Tax-Advantaged Accounts

Traditional or Roth IRA: It May Be Possible to Have Both – Should You?
It’s a common decision investors face when selecting which retirement account to open: should I choose a Traditional or a Roth IRA? 

5 Potential Benefits of an HSA (Health Savings Account)
Learn how an HSA could provide a tax-advantaged solution to help combat the rising costs of health care – now and in retirement. 

22 Medical Expenses You Can Cover with a Health Savings Account
You might be surprised about some of the medical expenses you can pay for with an HSA.   

3 Ways a Roth IRA Could Be for More than Retirement
If saving for retirement has lagged behind saving for higher education, new home purchases or other competing needs – a Roth IRA may provide a solution.  

Other Hot Topics

Tax Reform’s Potential Impacts on Real Estate Investing
Accountants provide insights on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and explain how it could impact investors.

Types of Cryptocurrency Explained
From Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, what are the differences in each cryptocurrency and how are they different? Learn about six different types of digital currency that you could possibly invest in using Equity Trust’s Digital Asset Platform. 

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