Top Illustrations & Infographics of 2018

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These visual guides provide a colorful look at real estate industry trends, small business’ impact, and contribution limits.

Is That Real Estate Rehab Project Worth It?
Remodeling magazine recently released a report revealing the average returns received for various home renovation projects, listing national as well as regional results. Here’s an illustration of some of the national average returns. 

Snapshot of Today’s Homebuyers and Renters
Looking to entice more buyers or renters to an investment property, or possibly boost the return on your investment? Here’s a snapshot of prospective renters and buyers, according to the recent Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report.

Small Businesses: The Big Picture
View an illustration of small businesses’ impact on the economy and how the people behind these ventures are preparing themselves for life after owning a business.

2018, 2019 Contribution Limits

See the contribution limits and income requirements for IRAs and other savings accounts.

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