Where to Report Investment Fraud

By Elsie Dudukovich0 Comments

While the old adage is bad things happen to good people, being the victim of a fraud scam or a scheme is an upsetting experience.  In addition to the monetary loss, feeling angry, betrayed, sad or embarrassed can be enough to keep a victim from reporting the crime.  This reaction is often exactly what the rip-off master and report investment fraudcon artist want and Equity Trust Company knows breaking the silence helps keep others from being fraud victims.

As a passive custodian, reviewing investments for legitimacy is outside the scope of what Equity Trust Company is permitted to do.  We encourage our clients to perform the necessary due diligence for their investments.  If you or your team of trusted advisors begins to gain awareness that an investment loss may not be the result of naturally occurring poor performance, fraud loss becomes a possibility to consider.

If any of our clients become the victim of a Ponzi scheme, scam, or other type of fraud investment rip-off, Equity Trust Company encourages clients to break the silence and reach out to the agencies listed below.  While there is no guarantee of receiving restitution or compensation, but speaking up helps others avoid falling prey to criminals.