More than Luck: Secrets to a Successfully Processed Investment

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Some may argue that luck is the determining factor in finding a good deal, but investments are often the end result of knowledge and experience, guidance from qualified third parties, educational opportunities, and hard work all coming together. 

Self-directed IRAs are growing in popularity; however there are still many third parties who play a pivotal role in a successful investment transaction, such as title companies, who are still unaware an IRA can hold non-traditional assets like raw land or commercial real estate.  If this situation arises, it may cause delays in the process of completing your investment.  Our investment process includes your third party works directly with the person processing your investment request. 

Here are some other ways you can work together with your investment processor:
  • Inform the title company and any other third parties in advance that you are using your IRA to fund and hold the asset.  It will give them an opportunity to ask any questions they may have and be better prepared.  You might have the distinction of being the first person to introduce the concept of self-directed IRAs to their office!
  • The underwriters or other agents may have more in-depth questions about Equity Trust as a company or what allows an IRA to hold non-traditional assets.  For example, the titling for your IRA’s investment might bring up questions or concerns because they are unfamiliar with this type of arrangement.  We are always happy to speak with the other parties in your investment to answer questions about Equity Trust and provide information about non-traditional investing in an IRA.
  • Be upfront about your investment’s timelines and the best way for your processor to reach you.  If you have a specific email address for your investments or certain times that are best to reach you, share this with your processor.  The same is true if you know in advance you are targeting a closing for the end of the month or other specific deadlines.
  • Let Equity Trust know when you are planning to sell an asset.  We want to be able to identify the incoming funds as proceeds of a sale, by using your asset number and account number when submitting funds will ensure timely and accurate application of those funds to ensure your account holdings stay current.  This is also a great time to discuss any documents you’ll need signed or what to do if you’re converting an asset.