IRAs Provide $7 Trillion Opportunity to Do Good

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FB_2017_AmericaUntapped01_blog-(1).jpgIRAs provide a $7 trillion* opportunity to help others while saving for retirement, as showcased on a new website released by Equity Trust. The amount invested in IRAs is nearly twice the size of the federal budget**.
Many IRA owners are unaware of the investment flexibility their IRAs provide, so Equity Trust, a financial services company offering self-directed retirement accounts and alternative asset custody for individuals and financial institutions, is highlighting many of the investments undertaken by its clients on a new website,
“Our clients’ investment choices are helping more than their retirement savings,” said Matt Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Equity Trust. “Their IRA investments are having a positive impact in their communities so we created the ‘America Untapped’ website to showcase their inspiring stories.”

Equity Trust clients are using their IRA funds to, among other things: 
  • Help provide affordable housing for homeless veterans and low-income families
  • Acquire land to build a school serving 300 children
  • Help a family to rebuild their New Orleans home after it was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina
  • Acquire property to start a group home serving veterans with PTSD
  • Provide capital for small businesses seeking to expand
  • Help medical offices purchase X-ray and imaging equipment
In addition to highlighting inspiring stories about investors, the website provides information about self-directed IRAs and includes free educational resources.
IRA investors are encouraged to visit the website and share their own stories of community impact.
“Our goal is to provide education that can serve as the catalyst for wider participation in government-sponsored retirement plans, such as IRAs, while inspiring investors to make a difference,” Wilson said. “Investing in alternative assets that have the potential to help others can be both financially and personally rewarding.”
*According to the Investment Company Institute Quarterly Retirement Market Data for Third Quarter, 2016 
**Federal outlays of $4.0 Trillion according to the Congressional Budget Office projections as of January 2017.