Raising Money for an Investment? Make Sure You Have All the Bases Covered

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Like many things in life, sometimes the best part of an endeavor is when it is complete.  This thought can be true in putting together investments or looking at fundraising options for a business; the results are more enjoyable than the process of getting to them.  Entrepreneur.com contributor Jason Saltzman echoes this sentiment in his article, “7 Tips on Raising Money from a Guy Who Is Raising,” and the items he cautions about can apply to seeking out funding investments. 

The first thing Saltzman mentions is patience.  He stresses to make sure you are making the right decision.  While deals may move quickly, rushing through your due diligence may lead to problems. 

Within investing, common fraud scheme tactics are often used on the investor.  Common examples include high pressure to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible, impatience or even anger when asking questions, needing more information, or more time to decide, or other attempts to hasten your decision.  Staying calm and making sure an offer makes sense to you can help you avoid falling prey to a scammer. 

The same is true with his tips on getting the right representation for navigating legal and financial matters and being alert for possible warning signs.  When you talk to other investors and research investment strategies, you will see these same guide posts again and again. 

Having a qualified, disinterested third party to help you with tax, financial, or legal matters is one of the greatest resources you can have.  A mentor or someone you can go to for advice as you learn the ropes in specialized areas of knowledge, is also a valuable tool.  In addition, Equity Trust’s Investor Awareness resource center offers information as a starting point for investors.